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Mustafa Ozbakir was born in Adana in 1982. He graduated from Mersin University, Faculty of Fine Arts in 2005. The artist has 5 prizes and took place in many solo and group exhibitions.
The artist took place in Contemporary İstanbul 06,07,08,09,10,11, 12 and finally in Contemporary Istanbul’13.
The artist took place in 2011-2012 Sotheby’s Contemporary Turkish Arts Auction and in 2011 Bonhams Modern and Contemporary Turkish Arts Auction.
The artist attended in 2011 ‘Docks Art Fair 11’- Lyon, France Art Fair.
The artist currecntly goes on his working in his studio.
The artist investigates the relationship among paiting, photograph and cinema. Ozbakir tries to give the impression of sorrow which belongs to humans in a context covered by miscommunication, loneliness and unhappiness in his paintings.
The artist has been affected by Ingmar Bergman’s films. The artist made the paintings of Bergman’s Persona, Viskningar och rop, Tystnaden and Fanny & Alexander. The artist turns the screens that he chooses into art works by refleting his spritual condition, environment and worries.
We can also come into the faces of nature in his other works.
We can also see the feelings of loneliness, introverioness, miscommunication, lovelessness and dividedness in his paintings.
The faces in Ozbakir’s painting expect us to touch them…


2008 – The 69th Achievement Award of Goverment Art and Sculpture Competition – Ankara
2006 – Umraniye Manucipality Traditional 2nd Art Competition, First place award – Istanbul
2005 – The 66th Achievement Award of Goverment Art and Sculpture Competition – Ankara


2013 – ‘Contemporary Istanbul 13’ – Istanbul
2012 – ‘Contemporary Istanbul 12’ – Istanbul
2011 – ‘Contemporary Istanbul 11’ – Istanbul
2011 – ‘Docks Art Fair 11′- Lyon, Fransa
2010 – ‘Contemporary Istanbul 10’ – Istanbul
2009 – ‘Contemporary Istanbul 09’ – Istanbul
2008 – ‘Contemporary Istanbul 08’ – Istanbul
2007 – ‘Contemporary Istanbul 07’ – Istanbul
2007 – Royksopp ‘What Else İs There’ Personal Exhibition, Goruntu Art Gallery – Adana
2007 – ‘Galeri Icine Karisik Teknik’ Group exhibition , Piramid Sanat – Istanbul
2007 – ‘Kadının Rengi’ Group exhibition, Besiktas Cagdas Galeri – Istanbul
2008 – ‘Contemporary Istanbul 06’ – Istanbul
2007 – The Group Exhibition Titled as ‘Guzel!…’ , Siemens Sanat – Istanbul
2006 – Electronic Media Arts Festival – Rio de Janerio / Brazil
2006 – International Video-Art Festival ‘Takinti’ Exhibition, Galeri-X – Istanbul
2006 – Kargasa 5; The Group Art Gallary Titled as ‘Resim’in Haysiyeti’ , Kargart – Istanbul